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yakam nkouamen firmin giresse a mis à jour son profil
28 nov. 2019

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For me, the bed is for those who have already made a living. I choose to minimize my sleep to achieve my goal, investing in my training to be better (professional day job + academic training in the evening) my greatest merit is probably also control the fact of stay optimistic. My dreams is to bring more to change you world. Technician since high school (bachelor's degree in electrical engineering) I have a diploma of 3 years (construction engineer) in thermal engineering and energy option: energy saving and the environment obtained in 2014 at IUT de DOUALA, j have pursued my specialized university degree in ELECTROTECHINQUE. I deepened the theoretical and practical knowledge of this sector with the achievements of the installations, the renovation, the maintenance and the commissioning of the lifts in several cities in Cameroon and as an individual contractor I ensured the installation and the maintenance Fire safety company CIMENCAM city of Douala and Fighil north Cameroon. Currently in RUSSIAN FEDERATION city of MOSCOW to pursue my dream: to set up a powerful energy system and respectful of the environment and the regulation while optimizing the costs of investment and operation. Because of my interest, my passion and my growing curiosity for global warming and climate change. I have a solution to the long-standing problem of OECD countries on how to simultaneously curb the demand for electricity by protecting the environment and diversifying energy resources. Because in all these countries of exporters of gas and oil demand will still continue to strongly believe. I welcome job opportunities in this area of ​​electrical energy. I aspire to live a professional experience within an ambitious company dynamic and innovative to the strange (passionate about travel) to put my sense of availability, my interpersonal skills, offer the best of my services through my expertise.
Formations / Compétences
université d'etat RUSSE in kosigina Master en ingénierie thermique énergie .
École Normale Supérieure de l'Enseignement Technique de douala ( ENSET) Master 2 (M2) Technologies du génie électrique
IUT (Institut Universitaire de Technologie) de Douala Licence Ingénierie électrique et électronique

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